Ethics and professionalism

The pillars of our work


Our objective at Rosón de Beas is to offer a quality service, discretion and guaranteed success. For that reason, we have established a code of ethics and some professional foundations that are always present in our work:

Ethics: our code

We believe in ethics as the basis and cornerstone of our business.
We keep our word and uphold our commitments to our clients, our candidates and ourselves.
We believe in and apply a policy of equal opportunities, regardless of race, sex or religion
We treat people with dignity and respect.
We believe in teamwork and collaboration. We seek to maintain a good work environment.
We ensure to check the reliability and truthfulness of the information we provide

Professionalism: our bases

  • This is one of the mainstays of our firm, including discretion, confidentiality and professional secrecy. This is why clients and candidates can unreservedly trust our team.
  • All the information supplied by our candidates is treated with maximum confidentiality.
  • We will never disclose the identity of our candidates without their express authorization.
  • The identity of our clients will only be disclosed if we have received authorization to do so.
  • The results of our work will only be shared with those people in the client organization who are entitled to receive the information.
  • Our clients’ projects are our projects. We are their ‘partners’ and we are committed to them.
  • A candidate will never be presented to more than one client at a time.
  • If ever a selected and recruited candidate leaves the company during the agreed period after joining and this is due to objective reasons relating to the lack of suitability of the candidate’s professional profile for the position for which the candidate was hired, we will select an appropriate replacement, without charging any additional fees.
  • All candidates will be presented with their full knowledge and approval.
  • Candidates will be kept informed at all times of the progress of their process.
  • Reference checking will not be carried out without the candidate’s awareness and approval.
  • We undertake not to recruit professionals working at the client organization during a period to be established. There are some exceptions to this principle, such as project cancellation or the client’s express authorization.
  • Professionals placed by us cannot be considered for another process during a five-year term, except when expressly requested by the client.
  • We treat our candidates with the utmost respect. They are our ‘star product’ and their success is our success.



Our experience has shown us that professionalism is the product of in-depth and rigorous research.

We have complete confidence in our methodology and look upon it as an ESSENTIAL tool when guaranteeing the success of our projects.

All our processes are broken down into the following structured phases:

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The first meeting with the client is of vital importance for getting to know the company better, its needs and, above all, its culture and good practices. It is at this moment that we complete the position’s definition and the professional profile of the ideal candidate, making an exhaustive analysis of the sector and drawing up a list of companies and target positions.

Identification and Selection

A start is made on the systematic identification of the most qualified candidates and once selected they are contacted in order to obtain maximum information on their educational background, experience, remuneration level and receptiveness to change. Once all this information has been obtained, we are in a position to submit to our client the professionals who best fit the established profile.

Obtainment of References

Once the client has decided on a final candidate we take formal references. In our opinion, this is one of the most important moments in the whole of the search process. We participate in the recruitment negotiation, acting on behalf of and advising both parties.


We maintain our contact with the chosen candidate after recruitment so as to ensure his or her adaptation to the position.

Guarantee clause

Should the selected candidate leave the company during the agreed period after joining for objective reasons relating to lack of suitability of his or her professional profile for the position for which the candidate was hired, we will select an appropriate replacement, without charging any additional fees.


The whole process is conducted with the utmost confidentiality. Our compliance with the rules and regulations (GDPR) is strict and rigorous.